A new hose

No doubt about it that parker hose distributor offer a good service and durable materials of their products. Some of my friends even recommend this to us because we are searching for a new hose . Our old hose doesn't look so nice anymore, I guess it's just getting old, so it's time for a new replacement. At first we are thinking where to purchase for a new one but luckily some friends knew, that's why they recommend this to us because they can guarantee that it's good. Well, hubby and I are now exploring, so well see which one we purchase.

Happy Valentine's Day!


London hotels

Where to Look for the Best Deals on Hotel Rooms 

Thousands of travelers every day go online and book their hotel rooms. They are either traveling within the United States or are flying to another country for work or pleasure. If you are heading to Europe, then you should find London hotels that you can reserve at an affordable price. Have you ever traveled outside of the United States? If not, then you need to know where you can find the best deals on hotel rooms before you head to your local travel agent. 

Search the Web 

Many people who want to plan their vacations start searching for hotel rooms when they search using their favorite search engine. There will be millions of search results so it can be overwhelming if you haven’t booked a hotel room online before. People who reserve their hotel rooms on the hotel’s website often won’t get the best deal even if it says it is. You will want to head to Expedia’s website to view the prices so you can find out if you will receive a better discount. 

Use an Online Travel Deal Website 

When you plan your vacation, you can head to a travel deals website to view all the hotels in the city you are traveling to. You can also buy your plane tickets online and you’ll receive the lowest rates for your seats. You can search for vacation packages, hotel rooms, flights, and you can even rent a car right from the travel deal website. This makes it easy for those to plan their entire vacation without having to go to multiple websites. You can even bundle your hotel and flight ticket together to get a deeper discount. This is a great way to go if you are traveling for business or pleasure.

Exploring Rotterdam

It's been months ago since hubby and I visited Rotterdam, though it's not quiet that far but I don't know why we don't go there so often. I like the shopping center in Rotterdam because it's big and they have many store to choose for.

But anyway, last Saturday we did some window shopping at Rotterdam together with our friends. Aside in shopping, we also watch movie and had a nice dinner at Chinese restaurant. It was indeed a long and tiring day but we had a great time. We left in the morning 1pm and back home around 12 midnight. Supposedly we played bowling first before going home but sad to say the bowling alleys were all full. And if we were really interested to wait, then it's available at 1:30 am. So we decided to go home because it's also getting late.


An automotive mechanic

My father was an automotive mechanic for about 35 years. And it's been two years ago that he was on his pension. I know sometimes he miss his job but his body condition is not as good as before. So even though he was not working anymore as a mechanic, he still have some friends that come over in the house and ask some help from him. If it's a job that he can still manage to work, then he was still able to help it but some of the work he can't do it anymore because he doesn't have the materials such as the auto lifts for cars. He is getting old already and he find it not comfortable to go under the car and check what's the problem, unlike before that he was still working, the company has their own auto lifts for cars.