I guess it's game time for me and hubby today because there's nothing so interesting to see on TV. At this moment he is busy playing his computer game, while me I just finish playing my game too. So for the mean time I do some blogging at the same surfing through the net. And guess what I came across, a site that helps to create my own website, it means that IM creator of my own site. Ohh..my heart beat fast due to excitement. I know that I've been wanting to learn this already years ago but never got a chance to knew it. So now it's my time to explore and to learn on how I can create my own website. What makes it more exciting is, the service is all free. So wish me luck in advance.

I AMsterdam

 One thing that I enjoy during our Amsterday day out was our visit at the place where there's a big sign "I AMsterdam". I saw that sign in my friend's picture but hubby and I didn't know where's exactly the location. We have been to Amsterdam a few times ago but we really didn't notice that. So the last time we visited Amsterdam, I make sure that I can visit that place and yes! we made it. And it was a perfect timing because the second time we have been in the area, it's quiet already for just a few minutes. After that, a lot of tourist came and of course took a pictures again. In our first attempt to be there, it was crowded and it was raining so hard. So we skip it and decided to go back there again in the evening.

Anyway, at the back of the sign is the famous painting museum. Just too bad I forgot the name. Well, I'm not so fond of painting and same for my husband, so we didn't visit that museum.

It reminds me

I was in the computer store today and there i saw some Monster headphones. I had a smile on my face because it reminds me something in related to thisMonster headphones. Actually, my brother-in-law had one of that and he really likes it. Before I saw his headphone, he told me already if I'm interested to used his Monster headphones, so in my thought with a word monster, I thought something ugly or such a stupid thing but I'm surprised to see it that it's such a beautiful headphones. In fact it's so nice to use on my head. So every time that I feel that I want to listen some loud music, I used that headphones. Well, I got permission from him that I can used it anytime I want.

Retail POS System

Nowadays, seems like every store is now using the Retail POS System. Using this system has an advantage for the retailers because it benefit from a retail POS system that is easy to use and enables cashiers to ring up sales fast so the lines stay short.

A good retail POS system increases your efficiency by eliminating unnecessary work. Instead of using separate systems for your retail, mail order, ecommerce, and wholesale divisions, choose one retail software package that can manage your entire business.

School trip @ SeaLife

Before I spent my family vacation, I got a time first to join our school trip. We visited Sea Life that was located at Scheveningen, NL. it's my second time that I've been there but my first visit was many years ago. So in our visit that time, I saw a lot of changes already. It just nice to be there again after years, so probably my next visit there will be after 3-5 years again. Anyway, what makes it much fun was that our school trip was free because the government pay for our school trip. Isn't that nice? Photobucket


I was a bit upset that during our family vacation my headset got broken. I had that headset for long and just for a sudden it didn't work. It was stuck in the cabinet and I didn't notice it, so when I pull probably the wire inside got damage or so. Well, nothing I can do for now but to search for a new replacement. hubby is planning to purchase it this month and I want to include in his purchase this inline headphone volume control. This can be very useful for me since most of the time I listen some music. This time I should be careful with my stuff, it's a lesson that I need to learned.

coupon codes

It's already a month ago that I keep thinking about the summer shoes that I like at crocs store. I supposedly order it two weeks ago but I was on vacation together with my husband and in-laws. Therefore, no one at home that will receive the package if ever I order it online. So I decide to order it after my vacation and guess what it's a perfect timing. I got some coupon codes from a friend and in that coupon codes I can avail free shipping. In other words, I can save some penny from my sending amount. I'm excited already to order the shoes that I like but first I ask my husband if there something that he likes to have too.

Walibi 2012

It was a few years ago that I visited Walibi park here in NL. Hubby doesn't like much going there because it's a long drive. But this year we had been to Walibi last month. Actually we had our ticket already for almost 3 months but it took so long for us to be there due to work schedules of hubby. So before the ticket expiration, we make sure that we can use it or else it's a waste. Anyway, our visit was fun even though it's just the two of us. We enjoyed each other's company and that's what matter most *wink*. We took same ride as before and still we like it. There some new rides and attraction in the park too. So it's also something exciting for us.

Sunday greetings