Forward message

Hubby and I just came home from our cycling day out. We grab the chance to enjoy the nice weather because it's so rare here that the sun shines so bright. So I wonder when summer time comes if it's still cold here. I hope that this year we have a nice summer weather.

Anyway, I'm just relaxing for now and at the same time just surfing through the net. I came across an applebees job vacancy, hmm.... looks interesting, not for myself but for someone that I know. He was a cook before but when he moved to other city, then he stopped hid old job. So now his in the process of searching for a new job. And who knows, maybe he gets some luck at applebees, so I forward to him the applebees application and it's up to him if he wants to apply or not.

Happy with our PS3

End of last year, hubby and I bought  PS3 game and until now we still enjoy playing some games that we like. Actually, we are fond of playing together rather than playing solo. That's the reason that we prefer to buy a ps3 games that have 2 or more players. Though sometimes hubby played it alone but he make sure that I'm also doing something else.

Anyway, I like this PS3 because it has a clear graphics compared to ps2. So it's worth it for every penny that we spent. So I'm pretty sure that most people like this game too.

Finally, it's nice weather!

I feel so happy that we finally have a nice sunny weather here in NL. I can finally wear my summer outfit and temporary say goodbye my winter clothes. I miss this warm weather already, so when the sun shines so bright, I got excited to do some outdoors activity. Just too bad because hubby can't take a day off this week to enjoy the nice weather. And when I asked my bro-in-law, it's also not possible. Now that I need someone to hang out during this nice weather, then two of my home buddy is not available. Well, I hope that this nice weather doesn't end that fast. Weather here in NL is truly unpredictable, so I don't know how long this nice weather takes. So while we still have it, I just enjoy it.

He wish to have

My brother-in-law inherit a one-year old motorcycle from his older brother. He was so happy to have it because he wishes to have that already before. Of course, my sister and my nephew were happy too because they can take a back ride already. It's so useful for them to have that motorcycle because they can save now for their public transportation. And it's less walking for them too.

He's next wish is to purchase a new HJC IS-Max helmet. He has a helmet right now but he doesn't like it much. So he is saving and hoping that in the future he can buy the helmet that he likes.

Hot tub

Every time hubby and I stayed in a hotel, we always get a room where there's a hot tub. We like to have that because we find it so relaxing to lay especially when we had a long walk. Just like last time that we visit the other city of NL, we had a nice room and of course a nice bath tub. So all day we were busy exploring the city and in the evening we took a nice dinner at the Chinese restaurant. Around 9:30 pm we came back from the hotel with some pain in out feet. Directly we laid in the hot tub with some hot water on it, so nice that it ease the tiredness in our body.

I guess it's also very nice to have this in our own house. Well, who knows maybe in the future I can have one, then I want to have a hot tub cover on it too.

Keukenhof 2012

It was two and half weeks ago that I've been to Keukenhof park here in NL, but I forgot to post it here in my blog some pictures that I captured. The Keukenhof theme for this year is called Poland : Heart of Europe. Like always the park was very crowded because there were many tourist people that wants to see the amazing flower park. Indeed, the park was very beautiful especially when you visit it in a perfect time like we does. Almost all the flowers were open already and they were so colorful.