non 12 step program

Do you have a family member that experience having a drug alcohol problem? If so, then you can help them to put their life back in a normal track and that is with the help from the Malibu Horizon. Malibu Horizon offers non 12 step program addiction treatment center based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational enhancement therapy (MET). And the good thing is that they individualized therapy model offers the best all around rehab program for treating each client as unique individual.

Below zero degree

Yup, you read it correctly, this week in NL the temperature will be below zero degrees, grrrrrr. I feel it already how cold it is this morning. This morning when I went to school, I feel like my hand was in the freezer haaaa. Though I wore gloves but still I can feel the cold not just in my hand but also in my body. Luckily I'm here already in NL for a couple of months, so my body didn't have a shocked feeling knowing that I came from a tropical country. I guess if I just arrived here in NL, then my body will be surprised for the changes of the weather.

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Way back two years ago, my father-in-law was confined at the hospital due to some heart problem. Luckily now he is okay but he needs to maintain some medication for his heart. He has his health insurance but we all know that insurance doesn't cover everything that you spent. The medication is not just one or two or three that he need to take every day but its five different kinds of medication.

Well, the good thing is that Walgreens offers Walgreens Prescription Savings Club  that helps everyone to save some money on more than 8,000 brand name and generic medications. In other word, you can avail some discount pricing on your medications purchase.  They also offer discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers and diabetic supplies. What a lovely offers to all the consumers out there.

What I like most in their offer is that for $10 a year, a family membership covers everyone in your immediate family, including a spouse, dependents 22 and younger and pets. Individuals may join for $5. Join and receive discount prices on your prescriptions.

For more information, you can follow them at Walgreens on Twitter  and stay updated by liking them at Walgreens on Facebook.

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Travelers Prayer


A quick visit at the Peace Palace

Here's the picture that I capture during our quick visit at the Peace Palace of NL last Saturday. The palace is located at Den Haag, one of the big cities of NL. The weather was so bad at that time that triggers us not to stay longer. Though we know It already that it's not allowed to get inside the palace but we have no place to stay dry. It was raining hard and it's windy, so we just arrived there, take some picture, enjoy the view for just a few minutes and we leave.


I’m a music lover

Yup, you read it correctly, I'm a music lover but I'm so picky on what kind of music that I want. I prefer more on mellow music, love songs, some selected rock music and worship songs. I enjoy to listen music especially when I'm doing something. I feel that everything goes smooth once I accompany my music in the things that I do. Even when I go to sleep at night, I mostly have my headphone with me. It feels so relaxing that while I'm on the way to sleep, then I can hear some nice music that I like. Aside from that, when I travel I always have my mp4 with me or mobile where I installed several music's on it. However, for a couple of weeks I didn't use my mp4 anymore because there something wrong in the headphones. I start missing it already but for now nothing I can do about it.

Last night, hubby asked me what I want to have next month. So far, I have the things that I like already, so directly goes into my head is an in-ear headphones. Well he promised that he will buy me one, so I just wait and see. I can't wait to used again my mp4.


Wish to visit this place ;)

This year, hubby and I have no plan to visit Philippines. Well, I guess it’s time to explore the other part of Europe aside keep going back and forth to the Philippines. So I’m very vocal to say to my husband that we will try to spend some vacation in the other part of Europe. I know he wants to visit Philippines more but this year it’s not possible because of my status here in NL.

Anyway, a few days ago, hubby suddenly asked me which country in Europe I love to visit someday. Phewww…a smile on my face and without any hesitation I enumerate some countries of Europe that I like to visit in the future. Of course Paris is part of it, then Italy and Spain. Aside from that, I also wish to visit London, I heard so many nice things to see there, so I hope someday I can be there to see those beautiful spots in real.

Wonderful day

I'm so happy that yesterday I got two nice things, first was the shoe package that I ordered online and second was the Visa reward card for my husband. It's just a nice day to receive something that we like, even more something that we didn't expect. The shoes that I ordered look really great especially the one I bought for my husband, looks so nice on him. So after enjoying our pair of shoes, we also enjoy the reward card that we get.

Thank God it's Friday!


I’m excited to see it

After my class today, directly I went home because I'm expecting something to arrive this day. I ordered some shoes via online store and delivery day takes about 2-3 days. It's the third day today since I didn't hear anything from yesterday, so I expect that I will receive it today. It's now almost 1 pm and still I didn't someone rings our doorbell, so I just see it later. I hope that before this day is over, I able to get my order. I'm excited already to see my order in real. I bought some nice boots for myself and reebok pump shoes for my husband and nephew. Watching those shoes in the picture, they look so beautiful, so I hope in real they also look beautiful.

A gift

Christmas was done already and still I received some nice presents from my in-laws. Well, it’s not that I expect something because my birthday is still many months to go. So it’s really a surprised for me to receive 2012 pacsun coupons. Actually, it’s for me and for my husband, so were very thankful for the generosity of my in-laws. I can’t wait to shop online at Pacsun store. The store offers clothing, shoes, jewelry and perfume for people to purchase. So it’s time to explore the site to check what’s interesting things that I can purchase *wink*.