The Dom Tower in Utrecht

One thing that I did in our Utrecht visit was visiting the Dom Tower. Hubby and I did not enter the tower but we enjoy watching the outside view. The tower was very high and I can’t imagine walking all those stairs just to reach the upper part of the tower.

The Dom Tower (Cathedral Tower, Dutch: Domtoren) of Utrecht is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. Measured 112.5 metres (368 feet) in height and the Gothic-style tower is the symbol of the city. The tower was part of the Cathedral of Saint Martin, Utrecht, also known as Dom Church, and was built between 1321 and 1382, to a design by John of Hainaut. The cathedral was never fully completed due to lack of money. Since the unfinished nave collapsed in 1674 the Dom tower became a free standing tower.

The Dom Tower was one of the largest towers constructed in Europe during the fourteenth century, and it was planned to show the power of the church of Utrecht. Its construction led preacher Geert Groote to protest against the vanity of such an immense project, suggesting it was too tall, too expensive and all but aesthetic.
The Dom tower was a multifunctional building. In addition to being a belfry, it contained a private chapel of the bishop of Utrecht on the first floor. It also served as the watchtower; the tower guard was housed on the second floor of the lower square block.

The Dom tower, over 600 years old and the highest mediaeval tower in the Netherlands, is naturally the symbol of Utrecht. Climb the tower with a guide and learn all about ringing the bells and playing the carillon. Your climb of all 465 steps in the tower will be rewarded with a great view of the city!


Life insurance calculator

I'm so happy that finally my friend found an insurance company that she likes. I remembered a year ago, I chatted with her and in those times she wants to avail a life insurance, but she doesn't know which company. So while were chatting this morning, it came through my mind the old topic. And there she told me that she has a life insurance already. She explained to me the benefits that she will get in this insurance. And even give me some details about how her insurance company calculate the distribution she has. I was surprised that she's done so fast, so I asked her how she did it. And she told me that she's using a life insurance calculator. All you have to do is to fill in the correct information in those blank and it directly calculate. Isn't that nice and easy?





I wasn't aware that the domestic plane here in Philippines has a new policy. The policy that I'm referring was about the umbrella. It's not allowed to hand carry the umbrella in the plane. All umbrellas must be check-in at the counter.

When I'm on the way Manila last Tuesday, I had go lite ticket. Go lite means that you don't have any luggage to check in at the counter and you can save P100. Hubby and I got that ticket because I had no plan to check in my luggage. I don't have much stuff to bring so I can easily hand carry my luggage and the other reason was, I want to be at the hotel as early as possible. But my planned was totally messed up due to my umbrella. I always have my umbrella with me in my bag. So the problem came because umbrella was not allowed to hand carry, either I put in my bag or in my suitcase as long its hand carry, then it wasn't allowed. And if I check in my suitcase to put my umbrella inside, then I need to pay the per kilo rate. So I came up with the idea to check in only my umbrella. So when I arrived in Manila, I waited for long for my umbrella only haaa. I had a hard time to find it because my umbrella was too small and its mix with those luggage.


6 pack abs fast

Want to have a 6 pack abs fast? Well, some people want to have that, but they find it too difficult and too hassle to reach that goal. They think ahead that it needs a lot of workout. Of course it needs time, effort and patience. But don't you know that there is a fastest, easiest and most cost-effective ab workout that fits your lifestyle. Just click here then you will know what I'm referring too.


Unhappy with their comments

I was surprised when I'm back home that some of my family and friends teased me that I have some belly fats already. I normally don't have that fats, but on my three months stay in NL gave me some fats. I often ate there some fries and other unhealthy foods. I never notice the results of all those junk foods that ate. Now, I feel conscious with my belly, I'm shy to wear some tight blouses because it marks now my belly fat. I will start eating some healthy foods again and trying to burn belly fat soon. So I hope I can gain back my normal belly.

Sunday greetings to everyone


Got an early call

Still early and I'm fully awake already. A call from my friend woke me up and now that out talk was ended, then I don't feel sleepy anymore. She was living in the other side of the world and forgot the time difference, so I understand.

Anyway, we had a long talk about many things, but one topic that caught my attention was her weight problem. When she started living in the foreign country, her body expands so fast. And now, she wants to loss some weight, seems like it's difficult to do. She is looking now for the best weight loss supplements that could help her weight problem. And she is now discipline for the foods that she will eat.


Utrecht visit

Before I flew to Philippines, Hubby and I spent some time together. He took some days of leave to spend some time with me. And we went to some well-known tourist spots in NL. One thing we did was visiting the city of Utrecht, the fourth largest city of the Netherlands. Utrecht is host to Utrecht University, the largest university of the Netherlands, as well as several other institutes for higher education.

Anyway, we visit the Hoog Catharijn shopping center that is located at the Utrech station. After exploring the shopping center, we went to Nationaal Museum van Speelklok tot Pierement, Dom toren (tower) and the last was exploring the market display.

Upcoming High School reunion

Next month we will be celebrating our High School reunion. I'm excited to join because it has been few years already that I never see some of my classmates. Well, not everyone is present because some of my classmates live in the other city or living in the other side of the world. However, some of my classmates are shy to attend the reunion, same as the reunion we had before. They don't join for the reason that they are shy because they change a lot already in terms of their physical appearance. Well, I find it a strange reason because it's not that we after for the way we look, but it's the bonding that we can spend. Hopefully in this upcoming reunion they can join already, I try to encourage them to take some fat burner. It help to gain back their slender body.


Weekend message


Time to control their eating habbit

I'm so thankful that I have this slender body. So I can say it to my friends that I'm contented and satisfied with the body that I have. These were my answer when some of my friends asked me if I want to gain some weight. I have few friends that have a heavy weight problem. They want to loss some weight to wear some outfit like I have. However, in the body they have right now, it's difficult to wear a body fit blouse because obviously it marks all their fats. So mostly they wear lose t-shirt to cover up. They want to try some diet pills that work well. But taking those pills would never work if they are still irresponsible with their food diet. So I guess to gain a slender body bust comes from yourself and those pills are just a support.

Camera critters: Pelican

Happy weekend everyone! It’s camera critters again and my post for this weekend is the Pelican. It’s an old picture that I took during our visit at the Avifauna bird park in NL.



Elegant bracelet

I went to bed late last night because I'm in the mood again to look for some online stuff that I like. Shopping online is easier than going to the malls. For just an hour of searching through online then you can visit already many online stores. Unlike if you are shopping direct to the store, then, I guess your one hour is not enough to search for the item that you want.

Anyway, I was searching for a nice bracelet as a gift for my self *wink*. I visited many jewelry sites, but only one site that caught my attention, the everlon diamond bracelet. The bracelet looks very stylish and I like it so much. Well, my budget is not enough yet, so I need to save more to purchase that elegant bracelet.


Latest iPhone

My husband often complains about his mobile that sometimes it hangs up or it turned off by itself. He is a bit upset because the mobile he has is not old enough to throw or give it away. He has this mobile for almost two years, hmm not so long enough yet, isn't it? He is a bit jealous because my mobile is older than his mobile and still it works 100%. He is planning that when time comes that he will replace his old mobile, then he wants to have an iphone 4, same brand as my mobile. At least he can ensure that it works well because he can see it to me that until now I'm still enjoying my mobile.


Night cafe @ CDO

Last night, my family and I went night cafe here in the Cagayan de Oro. I missed being there because I'm away for three months in the city and so I'm curious if there some changes or so. The night café is a sort of night market where you can buy mostly secondhand stuff for such an affordable price. There is also some grilled stand where you can eat your delicious dinner with your family, friends or loved ones. And of course entertainment is there too, you can see a live bond performance. So while you do some night shopping, you can enjoy the music that you hear.

This night café is located at the heart of the city and opens only every Friday and Saturday. It's just few minutes away from home, so if we want to there and go home late, then no worries at all.


Hardwood floor

I was just talking on my sister on the phone, phuu...what a long conversation that my ears start to hurt haaa. Well, it's been so long that we never talk to each other, so we keep updating each other's life. I cannot talk to her that long when I was in Nl because calling long distance was very expensive. But now that I'm back home, then it's so affordable especially if you avail the unlimited talk with my phone provider.

One thing that I heard from her was the changes of her house. She has many struggle for the floor mat that she used before because it breaks fast. She has two little kids that sometimes keep pushing their chairs and it caused to break their floor mats. And last December, they decided to change their floor, from an ugly floor mat into a nice and fancy hardwood floor. Luckily they have a neighbor that knows how to Install hardwood floor , so no hassle for them to search for someone. She is very happy and satisfied with the hardwood she has right now. She's already excited to show to me her house, but I don't know yet when I can visit Cebu.


Post it next time

I'm back in Philippines again after my three months stayed in NL. My stayed in NL was all worth it because hubby and I spent some time together. I miss him so much, but I know time will come we will be reunited together and start our family together.

Anyway, before I left NL, hubby and I visited some museums and tourist spots in NL. I have many pictures compilation again, I'm excited to post about our day out, but I'm still tired from my long flight. So probably next week, I'm back in updating this blog again.

Comfortable bed

Yesterday was my first night sleeping in my bed after my three months stay in NL. I started to feel new because the bed I slept on when I was in NL was very soft compared to my bed here in Philippines. And so when I woke up this morning, I felt my back hurt. It came through my mind that maybe it's time to replace my old bed into a brand new soft and comfy bed.

And this afternoon, I went to the malls and look for a new bed that I like. I came across the adjustable beds that were very soft. I really like it so much. Since it's adjustable, therefore, it's easy for me to use my laptop while I'm on my bed. With this kind of bed, I have no reason to complain that my back hurt because whenever I want to use the laptop, I have something to lean on my back.