Valentine's Present for HIM

Valentines Day is almost approaching and I'm still clueless on what I can give to my husband. I was looking at the mall some Valentines presents that you can give to your special someone, but I never got a chance to see something that I like. When it comes to some special presents to hubby, I'm very particular with what kind of presents that I can give. I always think that I want to give something that he likes, something that he can use and of course it would be something special to him. I'm asking a suggestion from my sisters if they have a Valentine's Day ideas for men, a simple present that I can give to my husband, but most of their suggestions, either hubby have it already or I don't like it.

After the conversation with my sisters, it came through my mind that I want to give to my husband a Romantic Massage Kit. He sometimes complained to me that his lower back hurt, so this massage kit is just a perfect present for him. I can pamper my hubby through this massage kit.

Playing with the sand

Visiting the beach is a fun activity that I enjoy, but it doesn't mean that I will go for swimming because I don't like swimming at all. For sure you wonder why, I don't like swimming because I don't know how to swim (LOL). I wonder why some people can learn fast on swimming, but why I can't, maybe because I don't have much interest to learn. So it sink into my mind that I can't make it already.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed swimming on the beach, but I drowned few times already that caused me to dislike swimming. However, it doesn't mean that I don't like swimming on the beach, then I don't want to visit the beach too. I still visit the beach, but not for swimming, but to walk in the seashore, playing with the sand and enjoying the cold breeze from the sea. And the photo shoots that hubby took from me, was the time that we visited the Kijkdun beach in NL.


Music and video download

Recently, a friend of mine was discussing to me about some music and video clip that she likes. It's some well-known songs that I often heard in some FM station and a video clip that she adore it so much, which I sometimes saw on MYX channel. We were talking about the music because we both have same interest when it comes to music and discussing together why we like the songs and what's the meaning of it. Since we both like some new songs in this generation, we wanted to have our own copy instead of waiting and waiting when the DJ at the FM station will play our most awaited music. My friend and I had decided that we look for the music and if possible also the video clip of the songs that we like. Through surfing and gathering some information through the net, we came across this Video & Music on Rapidshare. We finally got the one that we were looking for at Rapidshare, it's a very helpful search engine. So, whenever you are looking for some music, games, video clip and many more. Try to visit their site, then you will see what you were looking for.

Carousel ride in Belgium

This was the most romantic carousel ride that I ever did in my life because it was only me and hubby who took a ride and no one else. At first I was hesitant to ride it because, when the group of people before us was done, it's just me and hubby will follow next. As I looked around if there were other people who got interest to join in our ride, but no one else. Well, I have no choice, but to get in the gate and sit in any of the horses that I like. It was so great to be there, only I can't hide my feeling that I was shy a bit because I know some people starred us. However, it's not the hindrance to enjoy our romantic ride together because we just enjoy the moment that we spent in those timed.

Since my parents-in-law was there too, they also enjoyed watching us and at the same time, my father-in-law was busy taking a video for us. The ride took a bit long than I thought and it starts to make me feel dizzy because it keeps turning around. But of course, I really had a great time. This was something that I never forget during our visit in Belgium.

Castle Garden in Arcen (Kasteeltuinen Arcen)


After posting here the miniature golf in Arcen, I would like to share the Castle garden of Arcen. It’s one of the huge gardens that I visit in the Netherlands. It’s very green because it’s all surrounded with different kinds of flowers and plants. I enjoy the place only it’s very hot during the time that we visit.

The castle was rebuilt in 1674 and the gardens restored after 1879 and again after 1988. The gardens have a geometrical formal garden around the house and a serpentine park on the fringes of the estate. The estate now accommodates garden exhibition grounds and model gardens. There is a large area of glasshouse with tropical plants. The Castle Gardens have been open to the public since 1988, with a magnificent display of flowers and plants, including a rose garden, a futuristic greenhouse for Subtropical plants, the Casa Verde, and Japanese and Chinese gardens. The pavilions in the gardens and the house itself are used for art exhibitions and other cultural events.

Miniature Golf in Arcen


Did you ever try to play a golf? I did, only it was a miniature golf. Before I played this miniature golf, I thought that it was easy because, if I look to people who play with it, it looked like it's just as easy game to play. However, when I first try to play this game, I was amazed because without any idea on how to play this, but just a thought to hit the ball. As for my first hit, my ball directly went through the hole, I was overwhelmed with joy and feel ecstasy because I did a great job. My family was amazed even hubby, they thought I play miniature golf before, but I didn't. Well, that's how it started and my next hit, I had some difficulty already on how, I guess it was luck that I did that for the first hit (LOL).

Anyway, when we visit the Arcen garden, they have this miniature golf; I got excited because this was not my first time anymore to play miniature golf. Therefore, I had an idea on how to play this game. It's a long game because there some hole that was difficult to play, but it was very challenging. The place had a pleasant view, surrounded with nature and the man made falls look very attractive.