By coincidence

Hubby was taking a day off today to accompany me and Sam to our appointment at the consultatiebureau. Sam needs to be there for his vaccination. Luckily our appointment was early in the morning, therefore, we had enough time the rest of the day. So we decide to go to the other city to do some shopping. While walking in the shopping center,, by councidence that hubby met his old bestfriend. So they had a chance to talk, updating each others life, while they were talking, I grab tha chance to shop together with my son. And i came across a store that sell musical instrument. I was watching it and directly the salesman came and told me that its the best electric guitars.

out of place

In my group of friends, I can really say that I'm the only one that is not into music or musical instruments, that's why sometimes I'm out of place when we were together and they started to talk about music. Just like last week, they were discussing about this littlite and I'm just sitting together with them, trying to understand whats that thing for. The good thing of them is that they don't talk it so often about this kind of topic especially when I'm around because they know that I'm not into this kind of conversation.

Vacation plan

My mother-in-law is planning to have a vacation either end of this month or first week of next month. She told my husband husband that if I am interested, then we can go with them. Well, i'm thinking about it because I know it's difficult to go somewhere especially that I have my 2 monthsold son. I still didn't say yes because I'm not sure yet if I go or not. Aside from that, I find it abit hassle especially that i need to bring many stuff for my little one. But if ever they offer an help with me, then maybe i will go then.