furniture store hopping

Hubby and I visited some furniture store at the other city. We were searching for a drawer that we can put in our middle room. Hubby wants to replace his old one but make sure it's a drawer that is a bit bigger that his old one. We hop in and out in every furniture store until we reach one last store and by coincidence, we found the one that we like. I like it because of the uniqueness of the style and hubby likes it too because of the style and the ball bearing drawer slides that are there. We wanted to purchased it already but when we inquire, the availability was only the display, hmm. We don't want the display item, we want brand new. So we decide to wait and hoping maybe in the future they will have a new stocks or we can find that in the other stores.

BAck to reality

My almost 7 weeks vacation in the Philippines was finished already and now I'm back to reality. It means back to work and being a housewife again. Well, its good that I had a couple of weeks break to relax and spend time with my family after 3 years that I haven't see them. I felt relieved also from being home sick before, so my visit in Philippines truly help me to ease the pain. In my weeks of stay, many things happened, it's not all the fun but also there was sadness but I'm sure we will overcom e all this trials that comes in the family.

Group of musician

A lot of people that I know keep talking to me about the online musical instrument that they know. I understand that they are into musical intruments that why they love to shop in this store, but I'm different from them. So sometimes I'm out of the topic when we were in a group because most of the topic that we tackle was about musical instruments. I sometimes discover some instruments that I didn't know before just because of them. Though I'm not into musical instrument, I still enjoy being with them because they are fun to be with. But anyway, if you are into musical instrument you can join now to their group.