Group of musician

A lot of people that I know keep talking to me about the online musical instrument that they know. I understand that they are into musical intruments that why they love to shop in this store, but I'm different from them. So sometimes I'm out of the topic when we were in a group because most of the topic that we tackle was about musical instruments. I sometimes discover some instruments that I didn't know before just because of them. Though I'm not into musical instrument, I still enjoy being with them because they are fun to be with. But anyway, if you are into musical instrument you can join now to their group.

Package to my family

Last year, we send a big package to my family in the Philippines. It's our first time to send a balikbayan box, so we were a bit curious if it arrived safe or so. Our package was big and it's heavy because we include our old TV in the box and there some other stuff that we fill in as well. After almost three months of monitoring the package, it finally reach to my family and they were very happy with it. Aside from our 14 kilos of chocolates that we fill in, we also put some presents for everyone. Well, I'm happy that my family likes all the presents that we gave and I guarantee that shipping boats are reliable and safe.

Getting closer

My departure on the way to the Philippines is getting closer already. I have a mix emotions right now because I don't know what will i fell when I'm there. Well, for sure I feel happy to see my family but feel sad that my husband is alone at home. I know he wants to join this trip but he couldn't make it due to conflict of dates in his work. This is unplanned trip because our main plan is to visit next year together but I can't wait that long anymore. I started to feel homesick already, so before I get sick, I first see my family and I just see it next year what's the plan.