ceremony of communion

It was two years ago that I join the ceremony of communion to my friend's children. As far as I remembered, that's the last time that I visited her place and after that we didn't visit anymore. We find her place too far from us, so it's quiet expensive every time we visit there. Just to reminisce the ceremony, the new church in their neighborhood was nice. It's totally modern and they even had this manhasset stand. However, I appreciate more a church or cathedral that was built many years ago because I find it unique.

getting colder

Winter time is almost approaching and I can feel it to my bones that the wind is getting colder and the temperature is getting lower. A few days ago, its already minus 2, brrrr... its just too cold for me, how much more when winter comes. I used to like winter but now that I'm pregnant, I'm having some problems with my old winter jacket because I can't close them totally. Therefore, I can feel the wind that goes inside my belly, lol. I don't want to buy a jacket that is for pregnant woman because I find it a waste to spend every penny that I use it only for just a few months. The next winter, I can wear again my normal jacket. Photobucket

furniture store hopping

Hubby and I visited some furniture store at the other city. We were searching for a drawer that we can put in our middle room. Hubby wants to replace his old one but make sure it's a drawer that is a bit bigger that his old one. We hop in and out in every furniture store until we reach one last store and by coincidence, we found the one that we like. I like it because of the uniqueness of the style and hubby likes it too because of the style and the ball bearing drawer slides that are there. We wanted to purchased it already but when we inquire, the availability was only the display, hmm. We don't want the display item, we want brand new. So we decide to wait and hoping maybe in the future they will have a new stocks or we can find that in the other stores.